I am here to be in service to you.

I feel there is nothing more telling than open, honest feedback from those that I have worked with.  And nothing I appreciate more than when my clients are satisfied with the service I have provided.



Cate, Nick and Juniper

Our experience with Randy from our first meeting, to collecting our keys to our new home (six months and MANY home tours later) was top-notch in every way. Throughout the process, we relied on Randy to answer questions, give professional opinions, consult with contractors and experts to help build a realistic picture of houses we were interested in, and always, always to communicate and respond to us within hours if not minutes. Our process in finding the right fit had Randy driving to country properties, making multiple trips to multiple homes to get estimates for repairs, and, helping us with big decisions (sometimes tearful ones) like terminating contracts when the house wasn’t the right fit for our family. Randy got to know our style so well he found our house for us, was by our side all the way to the last paper signing and was the first to welcome us home. Randy is truly a one of a kind professional, his down-to-earth, warm and thoughtful approach to finding the best fit for a home makes him an effective realtor and a joy to work with. Our toddler even gave him the seal of approval as her “new best friend.” Thank you Randy!!

House Buyer Closed Aug ’18
Undisclosed, Eugene, OR
$389K • 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1634 Sq. Ft.

Frank, Mildred and Olivia

Randy is amazing to work with. Very knowledgeable at what he does best. My husband and I were first time homebuyers and Randy was by our side through the whole process from day one. We highly recommend him.
House Buyer Closed Aug ’18
1417 Piedmont St, Springfield, OR
$233K • 3 Bed, 1 Bath, 1118 Sq. Ft. • 1st Time Buyer


“Randy was great. Since I am not local I relied greatly on Randy to do so many things to help me out. He was always helpful and went beyond all the time. It made me relax and know that I had someone looking out for me and the process. I would recommend Randy highly to anyone looking for an agent in the Eugene area.”
House Buyer Closed Jun ’18
1926 Alder St, Eugene, OR
$643K • 4 Bed, 2.5 Bath, 3583 Sq. Ft.


“Highly responsive, knowledgeable, low key, reliable.”
House Seller Closed Apr ’18
Eugene, OR
$375K • 3 Bed, 1 Bath, 1293 Sq. Ft.

Eric, Freedom, Love and Juniper

“Randy was such a pleasure to work with! He was very understanding and knowledgeable and helped us to find the perfect home. We appreciated his help and our experience was such a positive one!”
House Buyer Closed Mar ’18
1593 Jefferson St, Eugene, OR
$415K • 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 1723 Sq. Ft.

Marion and Keith Meeker – Yorktown, VA

“Randy was very easy going and wonderful to work with. He was very responsive, extremely helpful, and very, very patient. Since we were trying to buy a house in Eugene while residing in Virginia and trying to beat a tough market, that was huge. I know it has not always been an easy task for him to please us, yet he never gave up and relentlessly checked out homes for us and made great videos for us to view. After a few months we finally found a cute house that we liked and are happy with. Thank you very much!”


Kevin and Melissa Foote – Boulder, CO

“MY husband and I had the pleasure of working with Randy as both buyers and sellers. As a buyer’s agents, he is very concerned with finding just the right house for his clients. He makes sure to locate and address both positive and negatives of a property so the homebuyer is able to make an informed decision. We trusted Randy’s eye in looking at houses. He has so much experience that he knows exactly how to survey a house for potential problems or hidden assets. As a seller’s agent, Randy has the experience and knowledge to advise just what needs to be done to get a really good price for a home. I highly recommend Randy for purchasing a house or selling your house. He is patient, thorough, and pleasant…and great with kids!!!”


Alex Marquez – Eugene, OR

“We can’t recommend Randy enough. Working with him was not only easy – it was down right enjoyable. He was always there when we needed him, had all the answers and most importantly for us was a genuine and pleasant guy.”


Vanessa VanDomlen – Portland, OR

“He went the extra mile to help me get the house sold”


Kelly Korach – Eugene, OR

“Working with Randy was an absolute pleasure. He made himself available to answer the many questions we had as first time home buyers. His knowledge of the market and options available as well as his willingness to advise and assist in many areas of the process were invaluable. He showed as many properties as were needed to help us find the home that was right for us. We are very happy with our new home and it was nice to feel that in working with Randy we were not just receiving a service but building a relationship along the way. We would strongly recommend Randy’s services to other Redfin customers!”


Linda Voelsch – Portland, OR

“Randy was most helpful — from preparing a thorough market analysis to consulting with us regarding preparing the house to finding vendors to do the work. Randy was with us at every step during a stressful time. He was very easy to work with, easy to reach with questions, and interested in making the process as smooth as possible! We would highly recommend Randy!”


Noah Chamberlain – Eugene, OR

“Randy was the greatest. He was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. In a tight housing market he was always on top of everything I asked for and even anticipated issues I was not prepared for. As a first time home buyer, Randy provided me excellent service and I would absolutely recommend working with him.”


Sarah Imig

“Working with Randy was SUCH a great experience! He was so informative and really paid attention to our needs. I highly recommend him!”


Michael Everett – Eugene, OR

I’ve had dealings with 10 or 11 different realtors over the years. He has been the best of the lot, in pretty much every way. Good job Randy!”


Jennifer Olsen – Eugene, OR

“Randy was a great agent to work with to sell my house. He was knowledgeable about the selling process from prelisting preparation to reviewing offers to closing the sale. I appreciated that he was patient and did not pressure me and gave me the information I needed to make informed decisions about my options at each stage of the selling process.”


William Garrett – Eugene, OR

“Randy Jeremiah is a great real estate agent to have on your side. He is thorough, responsive, patient, loyal, and extremely knowledgeable. Throughout a rather lengthy buying process due to the lender, Randy was there every step of the way working with the lender and advising us. Honestly, we would not be in this beautiful house we are in today without his sage advise and hard work. I would recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home.”


Peggy O’Brien – Eugene, OR

“He has been absolutely been amazing from start to finish. I was told he was good, no is he wonderful!!! Very knowledgable, answered all questions, looked out for me at every step, made sure I understood everything and I can’t say thank you enough to him.”


Rana and Michael –  Eugene, OR

“We knew what we wanted and we knew the price we could afford.  All we needed was the right realtor, and found Randy Jeremiah.   Randy worked with us looking at house after house, always encouraging us to keep searching until we found the house that was right for us.  When we did find our dream house, Randy guided us through the closing process and made sure everything was taken care of.  Now we’re in our dream house and loving it.  Thank you Randy!”


Pete S. (Retired Letter Carrier) –  Junction City, OR

“I couldn’t be happier with my broker Randy and Windemere Realty.  His knowledge, experience, and integrity made the process of finding and buying my home smooth and worry-free.  When you can help a mailman find the right house, that says a lot!  Thanks, Randy!”


Chuck & Terri – Eugene, OR

“If you are looking for a Eugene Real Estate Agent, I highly recommend Randy Jeremiah. Randy was patient, attentive, motivated, available, very kind, and especially important… he listened to what we were looking for in a home. It took a couple months to find the perfect place, but he found it.”


Haley & Tracy – Eugene, OR

“Randy was the perfect real estate agent for us.  We were first-time home buyers who had no idea what we even wanted or could afford when we first called him.  He very patiently listened to our ridiculous list of demands, desires, and dreams and managed to somehow understand exactly what we not only needed, but wanted as well.  He showed us a few houses, and listened carefully to what we liked and didn’t like about them before finding us the perfect house.  It wasn’t exactly how we had described our “dream” house to be but it was exactly what we had been looking for all along.  Because we were so new and inexperienced, he guided us along the whole process, with the home inspection, mortgage lender, and appraisal, making it go so smoothly.  It really couldn’t have been a better experience.”

Ann P. –  First time home buyer Living in an AWESOME house in Eugene, OR

“I have known Randy since I first moved to Eugene. He has been a fantastic neighbor and was my first choice for a real estate agent because he is so knowledgeable about the area neighborhoods, and an accomplished home craftsman. I chose Randy to represent me because I also trust him. I was a single, first time home buyer, and homebuying was a daunting prospect. Randy looked out for my interests, spent hours upon hours helping me focus on my goals, and showed me nearly a dozen houses. Randy is fastidious about all of the details, paperwork, and appointments, so that I could concentrate on experiencing each house and neighborhood, and finding the right house! Working with Randy was like having a smart, dialed-in, saavy local brother representing my interests– I felt confident that everything would be taken care of seamlessly.  I ended up finding the perfect home, in the best neighborhood for my lifestyle. I also honestly believe that Randy is in the real estate business in order to help build Eugene as a community. I believe he cares about putting people into a space that fits them, and I believe he deeply cares about building Eugene as a community. Randy is a good neighbor, a great agent, and I’m proud to say a good friend. I would recommend Randy to anyone interested in home buying or selling, or anyone who just needs to borrow a lawn mower.”


Damond, Laura & Zinnia Morris – Eugene, OR

“Randy Jeremiah is a conscientious, knowledgeable, and experienced real estate agent who will listen to your needs and provide you with exemplary service.

My home purchase involved an out of state transaction to begin work with the University of Oregon (UO) ten months ago. As an out of town buyer I relied heavily on Randy’s ability to listen to my housing needs and his knowledge of the area. I was impressed with the results of his work. Randy was extremely knowledgeable about housing available for sale and the services I would need. Randy knows the city of Eugene and the surrounding areas very well. Randy was very patient as I debated the merits of different properties. Randy provided me with lots of detailed information about the homes we were considering. A home purchase is an extremely large and rather emotional commitment. I appreciated working with a professional who understood this and who answered so many questions with patience and assurance in a no pressure environment.

When I needed a service or professional advice Randy provided the names of businesses or colleagues to assist. I appreciated Randy’s depth of knowledge. Through Randy I found very skilled trades people, legal and financial advice. As an out of state purchaser this knowledge was invaluable. I have recommended Randy to colleagues coming to work at the UO as a professional who is experienced and proven to provide clients with a deep knowledge of the Eugene real estate market.

I highly recommend Randy as a real estate agent. He will work for you with knowledge, intelligence, and diligence and will ensure that your interests have been served.  I am very pleased with my home. I encourage you to work with Randy and I am very happy to speak with you about his work.

All the best in your search for a new home, in choosing Randy you will be working with the best.”